To lead, nurture, and inspire the faith, integrity, and service of both our present and future generations


Our vision is to help others grow into men and women of character and integrity. Whether it is to come along side them and offer the basic necessities to survive or to provide hope to people lost in todays immoral culture; we want to make a difference- one person at a time. In faith, we will encourage them to deepen their relationship with the Lord, With integrity, we will challenge them to fulfill Gods purpose for their lives, and through service we will teach them to become the leaders of their generation.


Co-Founder/ President
Co-Founder/ Vice-President
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John & Terina Dutton are the Co-founders of Heavenly Hope Ministries, an organization working primarily in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Sudan. Their hearts’ desire is to reflect the love of Jesus, seeking to be His hands and feet by not only meeting the basic needs of the poor, orphaned and widowed but also by bringing them the true hope that only comes through relationship with Him.

John has been a professional football player for the last 13 years but considers running Heavenly Hope Ministries his true calling. He is the Co-Founder of Athletes For The Nations, a ministry focused on transforming the lives of athletes of all ages, shifting their focus from being “successful” to using their success for a greater purpose: to live a life of “significance.”

Terina is the Founder of One Heart Collective, a ministry and a retail boutique aimed at preventing more orphans, prostitution, and trafficking by creating sustainable business opportunities and income for individuals around the world.

John & Terina are also passionate about challenging EVERY believer to live out TRUE biblical generosity (Acts 4: 32-37, 2:45-47), recognizing that God has been generous to us “so that we can be generous to others” ( 2 Cor 9:7). Their desire is to help the body recognize their biblical mandate to defend the poor and needy (Proverbs 31:8, Jer 22:16), to do justice every morning (Jer 21:12), and to care for the orphan and widow (James 1:27).

They have five children; two of which are adopted from Ethiopia and three are biological.